Selena Gomez shares dark facts about Justin Bieber

She reveals she wrote the song in 45 minutes and while it famously deals with her relationship with Justin 

Although the couple broke up in 2014, they got back in 2017. But between that time, Selena was found dating The Weekend. 

When he was on the way to his father's Caribbean-set wedding on February 19, 2018-- Justin stopped his flight in Texas to pick up Selena and take her along. 

After Justin and Selena’s initial break up, Justin tried to erase the constant reminder of his lost love by covering it up. 

Justin says that he used a bunch of shading to change Selena’s appearance, but he admits that people still know that it's his ex. 

It’s was even more awkward when they get back together and she discovered that he had changed her face 

Selena's "Love Will Remember" was about their breakup and Justin’s "Bad Day" also touches on their painful past.